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3D Photogrammetry & 360° Capture of Locations and Sets

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1 to 1 Scale Models

At Coach House we can 3D Scan Locations and sets to enhance the location planning and pre-vis stage. By using drones and 360 scanners, we can create digital replicas that you can use on a variety of applications. Use them for pre-vis in a multitude of different software and have a scene looking close to the real thing in a matter of hours. Or use our cloud service for Crew Maps and Location records.

Pre-Vis Has Never Looked So Good

Cut out the guess work and extensive modelling time to create a scene. Use our models to simply drag and drop into a range of software. Plan your shots in the real location. Create realistic lighting and camera movements, with an accurately scaled model. Let the director see out his vision in a much more effective way. Match the direction of the sunlight to the real location and experiment with different times of day. Import VFX assets directly into the scene and experience rapid workflow like never before. 

View Maps & Models Anywhere

Coach House can upload the 3D Models to the cloud for anyone to view. Look at the model through your phone or tablet when away from the desk. Use your desktop for accurate use of the measure, annotations and mark tools. Share plans with anyone who needs them. Mark the areas so crew know exactly where their space is. Locations and Unit Managers can plot out spaces and see within a centimetre accuracy how big an area is. No need for second visits because you forgot how wide a road was, or how tall a doorway is.

Production ready assets

Large to small objects captured in high detail with up to 16k textures for game and film/tv asset usage. Ready to drag and drop to quickly create a detailed environment in no time. Using our extensive post production background, we utilise multiple high-end render machines to batch process multiple models at the same time to cut down on delivery times to ensure fast delivery of the asset. Also take advantage of our secure production shared storage to access assets if needed.

Location Planning

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View The Locations Map

All crew can view the 3D Map. They will be able to see where their departments trucks are, catering, parking and where the scene will take place. Its also a great reference for the whole crew to see the location, as opposed to turning up on the day to see it for the first time.


Collaborate with the crew with our cloud based 3D Maps. Want to point out something specific? Mark it then instantly share via a link. Create updates that are visual and not just on a call sheet. Send over the model to any department, include it in virtual on face to face meeting to get the vision, ideas and plan across much clearer. 

Mark and Measure

Forgot to measure something on the recce? Or maybe you havent had a chance to visit the location. With our 3D Maps you wont have to worry. Simply log on and use a range of measure and marking tools. Instead of arranging to go back to the location, save fuel, time and man power to get the marking and measurements you need in a matter of seconds.

Create a Digital Twin For All Departments

Keep a permanent 3D record of location or set. 95% of the crew don't attend reccies and turn up without knowing much about the location. With Coach House, you are able to let the whole crew view the real location without leaving the studio or their home. The more information the crew have, the smoother everything can run.

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Aim For Net Zero

Reduce the number of crew that is required for location visits thanks to the help of our highly detailed 3D Maps and Photogrammetry technology. Don't worry about re-visits because you forgot to check something, the 3D Model has got you covered. Save time, Save money and Save the planet. 

All large captured data will be available to download from Coach House Visuals secure cloud network. 

Our cloud service is fully protected and has 24hr support service. So if you have a team working outside of the UK and are experiencing any technical issues, then they will able to call the number provided and have any issues sorted. 

Fully Qualified Drone Pilots

All pilots are fully qualified and insured CAA pilots. Our drones are regularly serviced, maintained and have extensive equipment checks throughout the drones service

Check out our Drone Filming services.

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